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Hi, my name is Michele Pasin.

I am an information and data architect. I make a living by helping people design, structure and implement large information spaces.

I specialize in areas like information design, knowledge organization systems, digital humanities, graph databases and semantic web. I have several years of experience with web technologies and enjoy developing prototypes and data visualizations using Python and D3.

I also love art, music and philosophy, so I am particularly fascinated by the opportunity of exploring the possible intersections of those areas with modern digital technology. For more details on my background, see my CV on LinkedIn. If you want to get in touch, you are very welcome to drop me a line or leave a comment on my blog. I'm always open to discussing innovative projects & collaborations.
Featured Work

Nature Ontologies Portal  
An online resource describing the models and datasets used by Springer Nature for semantic publishing and, more generally, for enterprise metadata management.
LiquidQuotes is a personal information management tool that allows to collect and organise snippets of text (‘highlights’) made while reading on the Kindle.
Ontospy is a command-line utility aimed at facilitating the navigation and querying of vocabularies encoded using W3C Semantic Web standards (aka ontologies).
Wikipedia citations explorer  
An interactive visualization that lets you see all incoming references from Wikipedia to the archive.
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