Free learning resources from the OU

The Open Learn project has been launched not many weeks ago:

The Open University’s commitment to broadening access to education is being taken to another level with the launch of OpenLearn, its major new open content initiative. The OpenLearn website will make educational resources freely available on the internet, with state of the art learning support and collaboration tools to connect learners and educators.

This £5.65 million project, supported by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, will cover a full range of subjects from arts and history to science and nature, at all study levels from access to postgraduate. Available to learners and educators throughout the UK and worldwide, the project will be of particular significance in The Open University’s efforts to open access to hard-to-reach groups and tackle educational disadvantage both within the developed and developing worlds.

I registered and browsed some of the learning resources, there’s a lot of very interesting stuff. The other cool thing is that resources are usefully organized within a pedagogical context (that is, specifying learning outcomes, keywords, and so on for each of them). Plus, the whole suit of KMi-learning-tools !

Picture 1.png

A course on the meaning of the analogue/digital dychotomy…

Picture 2.png

And a course on Hume’s philosophy…

By the way, it’s worth having a (long) look at our main rival, the MIT Open CourseWare


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