Pathway: Wiki Semantic Navigator

Just found a very cool app that lets you organize and store the navigation on any mediawiki site, Pathway. It basically represents visually the link’s structure of a wiki-page, all the departing nodes centered around the page of interest. The whole navigation can thus be stored in the form of a a net with nodes and links! Developed in Cocoa, works easily and fast on any mac (intel based as well) running Tiger! I quote the author’s reasons behind the development:

My idea for Pathway originated when browsing Wikipedia. I would always start off quite focused on a certain subject. Unfortunately, Wikipedia articles tend to be full of distracting links, just screaming to be clicked on…
Soon enough, I found myself totally lost in myriads of loosely related pages. I can’t count the time I wasted on backtracing them, and if you have a bit of wiki-experience, you’ve probably encountered it too.
What I needed, was an application that could easily archive the path I follow through Wikipedia pages.

Some screenshots below:

Picture 21.png

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png


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