iChat to MSN – only one IM client please!

iChat is not the only IM client for mac, but it’s well integrated with the OS, so I always wanted to throw away msn messenger (which i’ve been used for longer) and pass all my old contacts to ichat. I found this blog post which was very very useful in describing how to set up a jabber account which connects to an msn one, and then add the jabber account to the iChat client. Easy!

From the same blog, also an interesting tutorial on how to tag photos using iPhotos (did u know you could do it?)


2 Responses to “iChat to MSN – only one IM client please!”

I just installed Adium on my mac today, which seems to do a pretty good job


Tony Hirst added these pithy words on Jan 11 07 at 8:19 pm

I agree with Tony: I’m a 2-year Adium user. It’s quite perfect. The only “shortage” is that it not support audio and video conferencing. I’m waiting the 1.0stable for this.

On other sides, it’s the best client I have seen ever.

Detro added these pithy words on Jan 12 07 at 11:09 am