Love trippin’

No double meaning here – i just love getting on a train and finding myself in new places and situations all of a sudden. Rediscovering life. So i just got back from canada, kcap (i’m gonna write something about it soon) and i was trying to plan a trip with my brother for the next xmas break. Well – let’s use the web – i thought, as he’s not physically around. So i checked out the available services, and to my surprise the best one is yahoo-trip-planner !

Why? Well, simple and efficient, not too many ads popping up, and great support for collaborative editing (isnt that supposed to be one of the main requisites?).

The other candidates (not many really) were Tom Gruber’s, which I’m sure has many features (such as travel guides mysteriously popping out, and the like) but also LOTS of ads. How can I plan a trip, if at every webpage I’m suggested what to do, where to stay and so on? the fun part of planning it is, i think, the exploration… instead made me think that I was exploring all the possible ways gruber could make money out of it :-) So i decided, not what i want!

The only other resource I found quite useful and straighforward in planning a trip, was google maps – however the great missing feature here is the collaborative bit – I want other people to edit the map damn it! ..still an open issue instead…



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