New PhiloSURFical version!

A new version is now online – I reckon it will be one of the latest ones! Yuhuuu!

Major changes:

  • the site now works at 1024×830 (it should be enough for supporting the majority of screens)
  • the pathways section now works primarily by using a hypertext interface – the java applet I was using for the visualization of the pathways is not automatically loaded anymore, but just on demand by clicking a button. This will prevent it from slowing down the whole site.
  • refined the help mechanisms and other little things throughout the site

Still to do: various things, but mainly NOT at the interface level. Basically getting more data (if possible) into the KB, refining the pathways creation process, refining the annotations of the Tractatus and making the whole KB available in OWL (along with the ontology, which is already available).

Thanks to all the people who’ve emailed me with correction/suggestions!! :-)



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