PLOrk @=> Spring 2010 Concert

I just watched online a number of very inspiring performances from the the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), as part of the their recent Spring Concert. I usually do livecoding on my own, so I’m really impressed by the results an enseble of livecoders can get!

Some of the performances I liked:

  • N. 5. Middle Passage, by Anne Hege:
  • [video]

    Picture 1.png

  • N. 4. alskdjalskdjalskdj, by Konrad Kaczmarek:
  • [video]

    Picture 2.png

  • N. 6. LOLC, by Akito Van Troyer and Jason Freeman (more info about the livecoding environment here):
  • [video]

    Picture 3.png


    You’ll find many more cool audio&computing things by checking out the Princeton Sound Lab website [people | research | listen | learning | software | publications] !


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