Il Fatto Quotidiano online is available

Il Fatto Quotidiano, practically the only newspaper in italy which is not subsidized by the state through the political parties, is now running online with a new and constantly improving website.

Needless to say, it’s good news for the (poor) freedom of press in Italy.

Here’re some international articles mentioning ‘il Fatto’ when it initially started out (almost a year ago) on printed paper:

  • En Italie, parution d’« Il Fatto quotidiano », journal indépendant et anti-Berlusconi, Le Monde. (italian)
  • Un nouveau quotidien d’opposition sort en Italie, Slate. (italian)
  • Silvio Berlusconi wird´s freuen, (italian)
  • Italy’s Newspapers: Untrusted Sources, Time Magazine. (italian)
  • Berlusconi-Kritiker Travaglio gründet neue Zeitung, (italian)
  • Italië krijgt nieuw onafhankelijk dagblad, de Volkskrant. (italian)
  • ..


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