Teaching programming concepts visually with the Online Python Tutor

The Online Python Tutor is a Web-based program visualization for CS education, developed in collaboration with Google. It provides an easy-to-use online environment for writing code and testing it interactively. A great resource for teaching computer science concepts!

As part of his CS education work at Google, Philip Guo has been developing an open-source educational tool called Online Python Tutor. This tool enables teachers and students to write Python programs directly in the web browser and then single-step forwards and backwards to visualize what the computer is doing as it executes those programs. The tool has already been used by over 100,000 people but has a lot of potential for advancement. Philip is actively seeking partnerships with educators at all grade levels to deploy and improve the Online Python Tutor tool. Visit the URL for more information on using the tool and how to get involved.

Create, Test, Share

Once you’ve created a program, you can also share it online via a url, or get a snippet of code that will let you embed it in your site. Which is pretty neat! For example:



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