Annual Bliss Classification Association Lecture: using faceted browsers in the DH

The Bliss Bibliographic Classification is a ‘fully faceted classification scheme that provides a detailed classification for use in libraries and information services of all kinds, having a broad and detailed structure and order’. Last week I was invited to give a talk at the annual Bliss Classification Association Lecture, held here in London at UCL university.

These are the slides from my talk, titled “Exploring highly interconnected humanities data: are faceted browsers always the answer?“.

Essentially, this is a slightly revised version of the paper I presented a couple of years ago at the Digital Humanities conference in Stanford. It centres around the notion of ‘pivoting‘ in faceted browsers, the use of these tools in the digital humanities and some practical examples based on DJFacet, an implementation of a customizable faceted search engine written in Python/Django.



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