Various links, July 2015

Starting this month I’ll try to post a list of web links I’ve run into in recent weeks and feel obliged to share into web-land.

This month, quite a few inspiring things!

> Webby stuff


> Information & Data Architecture

  • haven’t had a chance to try it, but it looks like this aims to become a Neo4j backed ontology store. Neat!
  • Piggydb is an open source Web note-taking application that provides you with a platform to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively (see also this example of annotations from “Metaphors We Live By” by George Lakoff)
  • a chat application to make organized ideas, manage your tasks/projects or share anything with anyone.


> Music & Art

  • an inspiring piece of art composed of 62 individual one-minute films featuring different artists, musicians, places, and perspectives. (also: check out the archive)

  • All Aboard the Canal Trip: a BBC documentary-like journey down one of Britain’s most historic waterways, the Kennet and Avon Canal. Warning: highly relaxing!.