Various links, September 2015

As usual here is a selection of links for the month of September.

> Academic

  • Journal of Open Humanities Data (JOHD): peer reviewed publications describing humanities data or techniques with high potential for reuse
  • What Is Digital Humanities?: an interactive app that displays DH definitions pulled from participants from the Day of DH between 2009-2014
  • > Coding

  • Bootstrap SF1: a Bootstrap based theme developed by the Foundation’s Business Applications team.
  • Gibber.js: Creative Coding for JavaScript. Check out this fantastic example too
  • VOID: a chrome experiment focusing on new visual and sonic concepts and technology
  • > Miscellaneous

  • Bloomberg website: a clean and effective design for the topic-homepages on the Bloomberg site
  • WalkLondon: Walking tube map shows the walking distance (in minutes) between each stop highlighting to commuters roughly how long it will take them to walk from station to station
  • Fantastic Planet: a 1973 cutout stop motion science fiction allegorical film directed by René Laloux, production designed by Roland Topor
  • > Semantic web

  • Semantic Lancet: a Linked Open Dataset on scholarly publications. The current dataset contains metadata about all papers published in the Journal of Web Semantics by Elsevier.
  • PROV Ontology: The PROV Ontology classes and properties are defined such that they can not only be used directly to represent provenance information, but also can be specialized for modeling application-specific provenance details in a variety of domains.
  • Virtuoso Pay As You Go: a Virtuoso triplestore DBMS Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts.


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