Calculating Industry Collaborations via GRID

A new tutorial demostrating how to extract and visualize data about industry collaborations, by combining the Dimensions data with GRID.

Dimensions uses GRID (the Global Research Identifiers Database) to unambiguously identify research organizations. GRID includes a wealth of data, for example whether an organization has type ‘Education’ or ‘Industry’. So it’s pretty easy to take advantage of these metadata in order to highlight collaboration patterns between a selected university and other organizations from the industry sector.

The open source Jupyter notebook can be adapted so to focus on any research organization: many of us are linked to some university, hence it’s quite interesting to explore what are the non-academic organizations related to it.

For example, see above a Plotly visualization of the industry collaborators for University of Trento, Italy (you can also open it in new tab):

The Dimensions API can be accessed for free for non-commercial research projects.



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