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8.1 million data sets and counting! 🎉

The first batch that was released in January 2020 contained roughly 1.5 million datasets and we are very pleased to inform you that we have now expanded the number of datasets in Dimensions to 8.1 million.

Hurrah! #RIxAI dashboard is finally adjusted to ingest data from @DSDimensions's BigQuery service!

Data is updated until 21st of October and classifications are adjusted to ACR Discovery Projects panels.

Pretty happy to see all the free #COVID19 resources the @DSDimensions team is making available in one single page #data

Enjoying doing more with @DSDimensions on #BigQuery
Uni collaboration network 2015-2020, researchers coloured by UOA
Time to get data on gbq: 15s!
Time to layout (using Batchlayout 5mins
Time to draw (matplotlib+datashader): 7 mins .WIP more to come

The next generation discovery citation indexes — a review of the landscape a 2020 (I) - - was compelled to write this long rambling piece

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