WORK / Code / PhiloSURFical Webapp

DATE :   Jun 2008
Link   :    Source code

I developed PhiloSURFIcal as part of my PhD work at the Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK. In a nutshell, PhiloSURFical is an ontology-based software for browsing a text, taking advantage of a map of the concepts relevant to the text. For more information see the relevant section under the projects section).

The application has been written entirely in Lisp, using the Lispworks environment and Hunchentoot as a web server. Standard HTML and Javascript technologies are being used for the front end. You can get the source code on BitBucket, following the link above.

Unfortunately, Lispworks servers don't come cheap so since I finished my PhD the folks at KMi decided not to host the PhiloSURFical prototype anymore. To get an idea of how it looked like, you can see some screenshots of the webapp below. I've got some half-baked ideas about how to revamp this project, but still haven't found the time to make them reality. If you're interested in these topics, and would like to have a chat about it so to possibly start a collaboration, please do get in touch!