Research Challenges in EMLoT: a Digital Humanities Perspective



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Michele Pasin. Research Challenges in EMLoT: a Digital Humanities Perspective - Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT) Academic Colloquium Shakespeare's Globe, London, UK February 2011 .


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Jan 2015

ResQuotes.com: Turn your Notes and Highlights into Research Ideas.
Michele Pasin

Force11 - Research Communications and e-Scholarship conference, Oxford, UK, Jan 2015.


Oct 2013

Moving EMLoT towards the web of data: an approach to the representation of humanities citations based on role theory and formal ontology.
Michele Pasin, Riichiro Mizoguchi

New Technologies in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, (forthcoming). (part of the 'Envisioning REED in the Digital Age' collection)

Sep 2013

Citations and Annotations in Classics: Old Problems and New Perspectives.
Matteo Romanello, Michele Pasin

Collaborative Annotation in Shared Environments: Metadata, vocabularies and techniques in the Digital Humanities (workshop co-located with ACM DocEng 2013 Conference), Florence, Sep 2013.


Jul 2012

Annotation and Ontology in most Humanities research: accommodating a more informal interpretation context.
John Bradley, Michele Pasin

NeDiMaH workshop on ontology based annotation, held in conjunction with Digital Humanities 2012, Hamburg, Germany, Jul 2012.


Oct 2011

Semantic Web Approaches in Digital History: an Introduction.
Michele Pasin

Lecture slides from the Course on digital history, part of the master in Digital Humanities at King's College, London., Oct 2011.

Jun 2011

Browsing highly interconnected humanities databases through multi-result faceted browsers.
Michele Pasin

Digital Humanities 2011 , Stanford, USA, Jun 2011.


Jun 2010

Data integration perspectives from the London Theatres Bibliography project.
Michele Pasin

Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH-SEMI 2010), Montreal, Canada, Jun 2010.


Jun 2009

Laying the Conceptual Foundations for Data Integration in the Humanities.
Michele Pasin, Arianna Ciula

Proc. of the Digital Humanities Conference (DH09), Maryland, USA, Jun 2009. pp. 211-215


Jun 2006

Paving the way towards the e-humanities: a Semantic Web approach to support the learning of philosophy .
Michele Pasin, Enrico Motta

Poster paper presented at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-06), Budva, Montenegro, Jun 2006.