Dec 2009

Echoing freedom's requests

From the latest post on Beppe Grillo's blog:

We are living through an unequalable historical phase. The worst of the Italian State. Berlusconi is the worst President of the Council of the last 150 years. Napolitano is the worst President of the Republic (a true “outsider” that makes one miss even Giovanni Leone who was kicked out). The PDminusL is the worst Opposition since the start of the existence of Parliament with Bersani as major-domo to D'Alema, the most intelligent and f**ked politician but also f**king, of the Republic. I want to be optimistic. We are at the bottom of the well and we can stop digging. We have got to the other side. I feel like an Italian towards the end of the second world war under the bombs. He knows it cannot go on for long. That the sky will once more be pale blue and that he will be able to go out into the street, happy as a child, and kiss the first stranger. My optimism is reasoned. The State has gone bust, a billion a day in Public Debt Is insuperable even for “Tremorti”. Millions of people have lost their job. The fund for those who are laid off is close to collapse. Parliament does not exist. It has been expropriated by Constitutional delinquents. The Church is in command. The camorra is in command. The 'ndrangheta is in command. The citizen counts for nothing. Everything is lost and above all honour. Italian and clown are synonyms throughout the world. "Italian fucking clown". The Council of Ministers is a continual replay of "Oggi le comiche" {Today the comics}. Any prostitute, any idiot could become Minister in Italy. This regime, like fascism in its time, can no longer be saved by anyone. It has shattered together with the dishonesty and the indifference of many Italians in the last few years. It’s like, after a tragedy, you pick yourself up out of necessity, that’s how it will happen in the near future. The Five Star Movement has no connections with the past, with none of the rotten names of corruption that govern us. The Movement is starting from zero, from the bottom, this is its strength. The Movement will present itself for the regional elections in Emilia Romagna, Campania, Veneto and Piedmont, with Davide Bono heading the list. Many 5 Star Lists are in preparation for the local elections. The Statute is nearly ready as is online registration. On 5 December I am supporting “No B-day”. I will not be on the stage and I will not speak as that has been requested by the organisers. “For us he is a politician and thus will not speak” is the decision of the promoting committee. We are living through social and institutional ruin that no one would have believed possible, starting with me. We are still in the basement, from the TV stations arrive voices of a present that is already past, of people like Schifani, Gasparri, Dell'Utri, Casini. So present and yet already far off. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

>>> By the way, Beppe Grillo is doing a gig in London on Wednesday, 27 January 2010. Sounds interesting?


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