blog  DJFacet: a faceted browser for Django.

Jun 2011

DJFacet is a pluggable module for the Django web application framework that allows you to navigate the data in your webapp using an approach based on 'facets'. DJFacet relies entirely on the django models you've already defined within your project and on a configuration file where you can create the facets and assign them behaviour. This makes it very easy to integrate within your Django application.


blog  Freeze any webapp with Fluid.

Aug 2009

Just found out about FLuid through the THisWeekInDjango podcast. It's a Site Specific Browser (SSBs) that lets you run each of your favorite WebApps as a separate desktop application. Fluid is an alternative to Mozilla's Prism, another SSB that is much less integrated with the apple operating system.

blog  Document.designMode trick...

Aug 2009

Here's a neat trick I got from my friend Geoffroy: open up your preferred Javascript console and type in this command:

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