01 Sep 2022 
Granada - International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (STI 2022). https://sti2022.org/
"Generating large-scale network analyses of scientific landscapes in seconds using Dimensions on Google BigQuery"


15 Nov 2019 

15 Nov 2019 
Bethesda, USA - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). https://www.niaid.nih.gov/
"Analysing Grants and Patents using the Dimensions API: a Hands On Workshop"

14 Nov 2019 

02 Oct 2019 
Chicago, USA - North American Digital Science Users Meeting. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/north-...
"The Dimensions Analytics API: workshop"

02 Sep 2019 
Rome, Italy - ISSI - the International Society for Informetrics and Scientometrics. https://www.issi2019.org/
"Introduction to the Dimensions Search Language (workshop)"

03 Jun 2019 
Université de Lausanne - Workshop on Scholarly Digital Editions, Graph Data-Models and Semantic Web Technologies. http://wp.unil.ch/graphsde
"Modeling publications in SN SciGraph 2012-2019"

28 Mar 2019 
The Technical University of Denmark - OPERA Workshop (Open Research Analytics: Open analytics data). https://deffopera.dk/workshop-march-2...
"Hands on with the Dimensions API: An introduction to Data Science"


16 Oct 2018 

16 May 2018 
Scottsdale, AZ, USA - North America Springer Nature Library Advisory Board. https://www.springernature.com/gp/lib...
"Recent technological advances at SN: SciGraph, Recommended, Sharedit, TDM tools."


06 Dec 2017 

09 Nov 2017 
Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan - Japan Library Forum. https://10times.com/library-fair-forum
"Building a Linked Open Data Knowledge Graph"

10 Oct 2017 
Frankfurt, Germany - Frankfurt Book Fair 2017. https://www.buchmesse.de/en/fbf/
"Building a Linked Open Data Knowledge Graph"

29 Sep 2017 
Basel, Switzerland - Roche Semantics Conference 2017.
"Using Linked for Data Publishing and Business Intelligence Services"

20 Jul 2017 
Shanghai, China - SN Insights Sessions 2017.
"The SciGraph Project Putting Linked Open Data to Use"

15 Jun 2017 
New York, USA - SN Insights Sessions 2017.
"The SciGraph Project Putting Linked Open Data to Use"

25 May 2017 
Prague, Czech Republic - SN Eastern Europe, Middle East & African Library Advisory Board Meeting 2017.
"The SciGraph Project Putting Linked Open Data to Use"

17 Mar 2017 
London, UK - London Book fair 2017.
"Building a high quality semantic graph for linked science"


02 Nov 2016 
London, UK - Open Data Institute (ODI) Summit 2016. http://theodi.org/summit/2016
"Linked Open Data at Springer Nature"

16 Oct 2016 
Tokyo, Japan - SN Insights Sessions Japan 2016.
"The Scigraph Project: an introduction"

20 Sep 2016 
Leipzig - Semantics 2016 (keynote presentation). http://2016.semantics.cc/
"Linked Data Experiences at Springer Nature"


13 Sep 2015 
Bethlehem, USA - 5th Workshop on Linked Science 2015, colocated with ISWC 2015.. http://linkedscience.org/events/lisc2...
"Learning how to become a linked data publisher: the nature.com ontologies portal."

15 Jan 2015 
Oxford, UK - Force11 - Research Communications and e-Scholarship conference. https://www.force11.org/meetings/forc...
"ResQuotes.com: Turn your Notes and Highlights into Research Ideas"




17 Jul 2012 
Hamburg, Germany - NeDiMaH workshop on ontology based annotation, held in conjunction with Digital Humanities 2012. http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de/conf...
"Annotation and Ontology in most Humanities research: accommodating a more informal interpretation context"

16 Feb 2012 
York - Digital Humanities Symposium "Virtualisation and Heritage" (Poster paper). http://www.york.ac.uk/tftv/news-event...
"Capturing the Meaning of Roman Sculpture"


11 Jul 2011 
Strasbourg, France - Cultures et Arts Libres Workshop, 2011 Libre Software Meeting. http://2011.rmll.info/Programme-du-fe...
"Introduction to the Impromptu livecoding environment"

12 Mar 2011 
Trento, Italy - Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), Italian National Research Council (CNR).
"Using Formal Models in the Humanities: Challenges and Misdirections"

02 Feb 2011 
Shakespeare's Globe, London, UK - Early Modern London Theatres (EMLoT) Academic Colloquium.
"Research Challenges in EMLoT: a Digital Humanities Perspective"


02 Oct 2010 
Munich, Germany - European Philosophy and Computing conference, ECAP10.
"How do philosophers think their own discipline? Reports from a knowledge elicitation experiment"

16 Jul 2010 
Leeds, UK - International Medieval Congress (IMC 2010).
"Getting the Database to Talk History: New Designs in the Paradox of Medieval Scotland"

10 Jun 2010 
Montreal, Canada - Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société pour l'étude des médias interactifs (SDH-SEMI 2010).
"Data integration perspectives from the London Theatres Bibliography project"


30 Jun 2009 
Maryland, USA - Proc. of the Digital Humanities Conference (DH09) pp. 211-215.
"Laying the Conceptual Foundations for Data Integration in the Humanities"

28 Mar 2009 
Royal Holloway University, London, UK - Medieval English Theatre .
"London Theatres Bibliography: an introduction to the web database"

19 Mar 2009 
Los Angeles, CA, USA - The Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America. http://www.rsa.org/
"Meaning and Structure in the London Theatres Bibliography"


30 Jun 2008 
Montpellier, France - European Computing and Philosophy Conference (ECAP08). http://www.lirmm.fr/ECAP08/index.php
"Formalizing ʻphilosophicalʼ narratives: the tension between form and content"

30 May 2008 
Ancona University - COST EU Workshop.
"Approach and ontology in PhiloSURFical"


30 Oct 2007 
Whistler, BC, Canada - Fourth International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP07) pp. 47-54.
"Capturing Knowledge About Philosophy"

30 Aug 2007 
Kirchberg, Austria - Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Information - Proceedings of the 30th International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium pp. 319-335. None
"PhiloSURFical: browse Wittgensteinʼs Tractatus with the Semantic Web"

30 Jul 2007 
Marina Del Rey, California, USA - Fifth International Workshop on Ontologies and Semantic Web for E-Learning (SWEL-07), held in conjunction with AIED-07. None
"Supporting Philosophers’ Work through the Semantic Web: Ontological Issues"


30 Jun 2006 
Budva, Montenegro - Poster paper presented at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC-06).
"Paving the way towards the e-humanities: a Semantic Web approach to support the learning of philosophy "

30 Jun 2006 
Dublin, Ireland - International Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-Learning (SWEL-06), held in conjunction with Adaptive Hypermedia 2006.
"A Task Based Approach to Support Situating Learning for the Semantic Web"

30 Jun 2006 
Trondheim, Norway - European Conference on Philosophy and Computing (ECAP-06).
"An ontology for the description and navigation through philosophical resources"


30 Oct 2005 
Banff, Canada - International Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-Learning (SWEL-05), held in conjunction with KCAP-05.
"Semantic Learning Narratives"

30 May 2005 
Heraklion, Crete, Greece - 2nd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC05) pp. 546-562.
"AquaLog A Ontology-portable Question Answering interface for the Semantic Web"