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It contains a patchwork of work/personal projects I've been busy with over the years.
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Michele Pasin is a data and analytics specialist with focus on knowledge graphs, linked data and data visualization.

Michele leads the Data Solutions team at Dimensions.ai, the world’s largest linked research information dataset. Dimensions is used by many organizations in both the corporate and academic world in order to assess and gather competitive intelligence about the Research & Development sector.

Prior to that, Michele worked at Springer Nature, where he developed projects such as SN Scigraph (a state-of-the-art open linked data platform), Nature.com subject pages and the underlying Nature ontologies portal (a repository of knowledge models used at Nature).

Michele holds a PhD in semantic web technologies from the Knowledge Media Institute (The Open University, UK) and advanced degrees in logic and philosophy of language from the University of Venice (Italy). After his doctorate, he worked as a research associate at King's College Department of Digital Humanities (London), where he contributed to influential digital humanities projects such as the People of Medieval Scotland and the Art of Making in Antiquity.
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