blog  HTML5 Canvas Cookbook.

Feb 2012

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook is a new publication from Packt publishing that discusses in details the new drawing functionalities the html5 canvas element makes available; in the last weeks I've been looking at this book in more details and since it's been a quite useful learning experience I wanted to mention it here too.


blog  Using Impromptu to visualize RSS feeds.

Dec 2011

Some time ago I've been experimenting with the processing and display of RSS feeds within Impromptu, and as a result I built a small app that retrieves the news feed from The Guardian online and displays on a canvas. I've had a bit of free time these days, so last night I thought it was time to polish it a little and make it available on this blog (who knows maybe someone else will use it as starting point for another project).

blog  First steps with Canvas and HTML5.

Aug 2011

I've been postponing experimenting with HTML5 for quite a while, so today I finally set aside a few hours to play with it. This is a very simple example of the graphic effects you can create using javascript and the HTML5 canvas element..

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