blog  Python links (and more) 7/2/11.

Feb 2011

This post contains just a collection of various interesting things I ran into in the last couple of weeks... they're organized into three categories: pythonic links, events and conferences, and new online tools. Hope you'll find something of interest!


blog  Offline django docs.

Apr 2009

An offline copy of the django docs can be quite helpful if you find yourself doing development work without an internet connection. Obviously, django comes with its docs that you can generate (provided you have Sphinx and build tools). However sometimes a pdf is the handiest solution... here're some useful links I found: Docs in CHM and PDF formats: http://charupload.wordpress.com/2007/12/02/django-documentation-chm/


blog  Lispdoc - Online Lisp Documentation Search.

May 2007

I read this inonPlanet Lisp: