blog  Bjork redefines the musician's product with 'Biophilia' album/app.

Jun 2011

I found out here and there on the web that Islandic artist Bjork is once again pushing the boundaries of experimental music by relasing a new album, Biophilia, which will be composed by both music and interactive media, in the form of an iPad app:


blog  New song: Turborobot.

Dec 2010

It's a bit of an electro/eighties-sounding/disco tune..

blog  Ryoji Ikeda.

Nov 2010

Last week I discovered the work of Ryoji Ikeda [official site] and soon got hooked up by it. It's kind of strange because if I just listen to the songs without watching the videos that accompany them, they often bore me after a minute or so (with the exception of songs such as data.matrix, or test pattern [[ a really cool live performance of latter at Barcelona's Sonar festival can be found here)

blog  Ozric Tentacles live @ Islington Academy, London.

Oct 2010

The lineup featured Ed Wynne (guitar, synths), Ed's wife Brandi Wynne (bass, keyboards), Silas Wynne (synths, keyboards - Ed's son) and Oliver Seagle (drums, percussion).

blog  Japanese Terror in Sancasan.

Jan 2010

Yesterday I finalized a song from last year.. it's called Japanese Terror in Sancasan.