blog  MySQL-Python and Apple OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

Aug 2009

UPDATE 30/12/09 : Snow Leopard and most recent versions of MySQL-python have broken the recipe below: you'd better check this blog post for an updated version (it worked for me). In a nutshell, the new method involves using the Macports installation if you're on Leopard, or specifying your 64-bit architecture during the compile process if you're on Snow Leopard... but if you're still getting errors, there's nothing else to do than invoking the almighty google for help . .

blog  MacPython/Leopard - PythonInfo Wiki.

Feb 2009

Some people have legitimate reasons for wanting to install IDLE on Leopard. E.g., even though Leopard's Xcode 3.0 (and later) supports Python development, it does so in a heavyweight, support-all-of-Cocoa fashion. And educators teaching Python who wish to do so in a platform-agnostic way may also be best served by IDLE.

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