blog  Composing at the metalevel.

Mar 2012

I've started reading "Notes from the Metalevel: An Introduction to Computer Composition", by Heinrich Taube, and realised I should have done that a long time ago!


blog  RDF programming with AllegroCL and AllegroGraph.

Apr 2011

Allegro Common Lisp (wikipedia) is a commercial implementation of the Common Lisp programming language developed by Franz Inc. Allegro CL provides the full ANSI Common Lisp standard - but more interestingly for me, it also provides a very comprehensive suite of tools for semantic web programming. So I decided to give it a go, in what follows I just put together some notes on how to get started quickly.


blog  Clojure or not clojure?.

Nov 2010

Clojure is a quite recent programming language that's becoming popular among developers; the big selling point is that it's functional and dynamically typed (such as Lisp or Python), but since it uses Java's Virtual Runtime as its platform it also accommodates the needs of the many developers have been growing up in the Java world.

blog  Scheme and Lisp.

Nov 2010

If you're coming from Lisp, and then start using Scheme (or the other way around) there are a few small differences between the two languages that it's useful to always keep in mind. I tried to switch languages a number of times, but inevitably I found myself once again wondering: how do you say progn in Scheme?

blog  A video that may convince you that LISPers are a bit crazy.

Oct 2010

LISPers are a definitely a rather eccentric developers' community.


blog  AJAX in Lisp with JQuery.

Feb 2008

I was asked to give an example of lisp+ajax, so once I prepared it I thought it could be of help to other people too :-)


blog  Lisp blog engine.

Sep 2007

I've been very happy to help out Cyrus Harmon debugging his Nuclblog package to make it work with lispworks too (he developed it using sbcl)... it took a dozen emails to understand each other - but the result was worth it! It's a hunchentoot-based engine that you can easily modify and adapt to your needs....

blog  Lispdoc - Online Lisp Documentation Search.

May 2007

I read this inonPlanet Lisp:

blog  New macs too new for me.

May 2007

blog  What Lisp to choose, really?.

Apr 2007

During the last days, I almost switched from Lispworks (too many tabs, too many things in general) back to MCL (essential, fast, with a powerful meta-dot command). But I run into many problems, the most important of them is getting ASDF to run, so to be able to run the server (Hunchentoot) from there. I set up the init file to load ASDF in MCL, and tried to share the same registry which I previously created through Lispworks and asdf-install.... but it doesnt want to work! Why's that?


blog  HunchenToot day.

Dec 2006

Quite an intense experience getting everything to work properly with lisp and Hunchentoot (a CM web-server), but I succeeded eventually yahoooo .... I am just giving a brief overview here, and some pointers. Among them, a blog entry by Bill Clementson was pretty useful in keeping me in a good mood :-)