blog  Review: Automatist storyteller systems and the shifting sands of story, by G. Davenport and M. Murtaugh.

Jun 2006

A few notes after reading a seminal paper (1997) by MIT research Glorianna Davenport on 'storyteller systems'. These systems can be seen as the precursors of current systems that support semantic exploration through stories (the only difference is the technology being used). This is a very good article in terms of language, internal references (art, history) and precision - the ideas are presented clearly and succinctly, without indulging too much in the (often boring) details of the technical implementations...

blog  A doctor hidden in your mac.

Mar 2006

What a treat to find a hidden AI gem in your computer. As it turns out, OS X comes with the simulated therapy program, Eliza, pre-installed. Eliza was written at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum between 1964 to 1966, and it was one of the early examples of natural language processing.