blog  DJFacet 0.9.7: MPTT hierarchical facets now supported!.

May 2012

DJFacet is a pluggable module for the Django web application framework that allows you to navigate the data in your webapp using an approach based on 'facets'. I've already written about DJFacet in the past; now the good news is that I've released a major update to the software, as now there is complete support for hierarchical facets too.


blog  Using Django-MPTT: lessons learned....

Sep 2009

Here we are again with Django and MPTT 0.3 (I already have other posts about it). After working with it for a bit I realized that things were breaking mysteriously, and only recently understood why that happened, so I thought I'd share this pearl of wisdom. Essentially this has to do with the way tree-elements must be created if you want the usual tree-navigation methods (e.g. get_descendants or get_ancestors) to work as expected.

blog  Django admin and MPTT #2.

Aug 2009

This is a follow up to the previous post on managing and visualizing trees using django. I've been using MPTT quite a bit now and it's great - also, I looked deeper into the admin integration (basically, the issue of being able of manage trees from within the admin).

blog  Representing hierarchical data with Django and MPTT.

Aug 2009

Apparently, you've got two options for managing hierarchical data in django - django-mptt and django-treebeard.

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