blog  MySQL-Python and Apple OSX 10.5 (Leopard).

Aug 2009

UPDATE 30/12/09 : Snow Leopard and most recent versions of MySQL-python have broken the recipe below: you'd better check this blog post for an updated version (it worked for me). In a nutshell, the new method involves using the Macports installation if you're on Leopard, or specifying your 64-bit architecture during the compile process if you're on Snow Leopard... but if you're still getting errors, there's nothing else to do than invoking the almighty google for help . .

blog  GAE SQL Designer.

Mar 2009

GAE SQL designer is a simple app that allows you to Draw E-R designs, Edit tables and rows, Manage keys, Create relations (FK constraints), Save & Load designs and Import DB schemas. Finally - it's online and it's free!

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