blog  Terminal script: getting the time in different world time zones.

Sep 2021

A little Bash script to show information about world time zones. Because I love my colleagues abroad, but I constantly struggle to remember how many hours ahead (or behind?) they are.


blog  Accessing OS X dictionary with Python.

Nov 2015

A little script that allows to access the OS X Dictionary app using Python.


blog  Upgrading to Lion: tips and tricks.

Oct 2011

I've finally decided to upgrade my mac operating system from Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to Lion (10.7.2). Not really for the new features such as Mission Control and LaunchPad (which although being pretty cool are not going to change my life) but mostly for the fact that the new OS is well integrated with iCloud. Sharing my iCal calendars, Address book contacts and other useful stuff across my apple computers and mobile devices is going to be a digital-life-changer, hopefully for the better.


blog  Editing PDF metadata on OSx (ie: having the Kindle display the right title/author with pdfs).

Oct 2010

One of the cool things you get to do with a Kindle is being able to access your pdf library on the go; however soon enough I ran into the problem of getting all the pdf files to show up with the right metadata, e.g. name, author, creator etc..


blog  Pong screensaver.

Oct 2009

Among various other useful freebies, Rogue Amoeba software is giving away for free Pong Saver, a nice little screensaver that emulates this classic arcade game... cool!

blog  NetNewsWire - Great RSS reader for mac/iphone!.

Mar 2009

For my online and offline RSS needs I've been using Shrook for a while - but since recently I got an iPhone the issue of syncing it with my mac gracefully has become quite important.

blog  Using the OS X Terminal Application.

Feb 2009

This tips page provides a detailed introduction to using the unix command line that the Terminal application provides.


blog  Subversion on OSX.

Oct 2007

Day one - part time job - semantic web services. Need to install SVN on me mac… I've bothered at least two people in kmi till i found this really useful tutorial here.....

blog  Lyx on the mac.

Mar 2007

I'm probably one of the last ones getting there, but I decided to do my best not to use Microsoft Word for editing my phd thesis. Oh yes - since I managed to arrive till this painful state, shall I give myself ever more troubles by using word? Not at all...

blog  Ecto : multiple blog manager and WUSIWYG editor.

Mar 2007

Read an article about the "must-have" applications for the mac on slashdot - incredible how they havent inserted QUICKSILVER, which is a revolutionary launchbar program in my opinion.. actually more:

blog  MacFUse - Gmail-gigs on the desktop.

Jan 2007

Got this news from here :


blog  Fink fhink think.

Dec 2006

There a class of applications that conquered a big slice of new mac users, after the appearance of OSX: the applications coming from UNIX. I'm not one of them unfortunately (or maybe luckily), but with the time I'm more and more appreciating all that free stuff, apparently difficult to understand. Cause it makes you feel you're getting the best out the wonderful machine you're spending most of the time on....

blog  Smultron text editor.

Dec 2006

A nice alternative to BBedit (which beyond being not free, takes a long time to load on my machine - too many plugins installed maybe) is Smultron. Just found out about it - many features, programmed in Cococa, and FREE

blog  Pathway: Wiki Semantic Navigator.

Nov 2006

Just found a very cool app that lets you organize and store the navigation on any mediawiki site, Pathway. It basically represents visually the link's structure of a wiki-page, all the departing nodes centered around the page of interest. The whole navigation can thus be stored in the form of a a net with nodes and links! Developed in Cocoa, works easily and fast on any mac (intel based as well) running Tiger! I quote the author's reasons behind the development: