blog  Inspecting an ontology with RDFLib.

Jul 2011

RDFLib (homepage) is a pretty solid and comprehensive rdf-programming kit for Python. In a previous post I already discussed what pythonic options are currently available out there for doing semantic web programming; after some more in depth testing I realized that Rdflib is the most accessible and complete of them all (in fact many of the available libraries are based on Rdflib's APIs). So.. here we go: in this post I'm giving an overview of some of the things you can do with this library.


blog  Getting back to the ontological work...

Feb 2010

I'll be working in Osaka for three months on ontologizing a couple of datasets with the help of Riichiro Mizoguchi. This means that I'll have enough time to revise various notions about ontology engineering during this period. Here's a first and fundamental one, regarding the difference between ontologies and data models:

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