blog  Pypapers: a bare-bones, command line, PDF manager.

Jun 2019

Ever felt like softwares like Mendeley or Papers are great, but somehow slow you down? Ever felt like none of the many reference manager softwares out there will ever cut it for you, cause you need something R E A L L Y SIMPLE? I did. Many times. So I've finally crossed the line and tried out building a simple commmand-line PDF manager. PyPapers, is called.


blog  ISWC14 paper: a hybrid semantic publishing architecture combining XML and RDF.

Nov 2014

I'm posting here a short summary of the paper I've given at the last International Semantic Web conference in Riva del Garda (ISWC14) together with my colleague Tony Hammond.


blog  Event: THATcamp Kansas and Digital Humanities Forum.

Sep 2011

The THATcamp Kansas and Digital Humanities Forum happened last week at the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, which is part of the University of Kansas in beautiful Lawrence. I had the opportunity to be there and give a talk about some recent stuff I've been working on regarding digital prosopography and computer ontologies, so in this blog post I'm summing up a bit the things that caught my attention while at the conference.


blog  Social Reference Manager: Mendeley.

Aug 2009

A colleague mentioned the existence of Mendeley to me - a new and free reference manager. I've stuck with Papers for a while and was really really happy with it, but I have to admit that Mendeley seems to have quite a few cool features there.