blog  Paperpile: a PDF manager with Google Drive backend.

Jan 2023

Paperpile is an online PDF manager that stores your personal data in your Google Drive folder.


blog  Notes from the Force11 annual conference.

Jan 2015

I attended the https://www.force11.org/ conference in Oxford the last couple of days (the conference was previously called 'Beyond the PDF').


blog  Editing PDF metadata on OSx (ie: having the Kindle display the right title/author with pdfs).

Oct 2010

One of the cool things you get to do with a Kindle is being able to access your pdf library on the go; however soon enough I ran into the problem of getting all the pdf files to show up with the right metadata, e.g. name, author, creator etc..


blog  Offline django docs.

Apr 2009

An offline copy of the django docs can be quite helpful if you find yourself doing development work without an internet connection. Obviously, django comes with its docs that you can generate (provided you have Sphinx and build tools). However sometimes a pdf is the handiest solution... here're some useful links I found: Docs in CHM and PDF formats: http://charupload.wordpress.com/2007/12/02/django-documentation-chm/