blog  Agile vs Waterfall… a few misconceptions revealed.

Feb 2013

Here's a list of interesting concepts in software development. Now think about it, who do you think might have stated them so clearly?


blog  Opening a Finder's window from Impromptu (alas how to use the applescript bridge..).

Jan 2011

Imagine you've got a bunch of audio samples you want to load up while livecoding with Impromptu but you can't remember exactly their names - it'd be handy to be able to open up the corresponding Finder window directly from scheme, without too much clicking around. Do-able or not?


blog  Scheme and Lisp.

Nov 2010

If you're coming from Lisp, and then start using Scheme (or the other way around) there are a few small differences between the two languages that it's useful to always keep in mind. I tried to switch languages a number of times, but inevitably I found myself once again wondering: how do you say progn in Scheme?

blog  A video that may convince you that LISPers are a bit crazy.

Oct 2010

LISPers are a definitely a rather eccentric developers' community.


blog  Mmm that ruby is hot...

Oct 2007

I havent written much in the last days - been busy writing a new browser for kmi's semantic web services team, and moving on my phd thesis during the rest of the time. PLus - i did some research about Ruby, which looks very lisp-alike BUT is web oriented too.