blog  Using Mendeley and Dropbox to sync your pdf library across computers.

Aug 2012

Mendeley is a pdf and reference manager software that has a number of cool features: online/offline support, tools for creating public groups (=collections of references), and last but not least, it's fast and easy to use. Since your references are synchronised via the online service, you can run Mendeley on more than one computer/device. However unless you pay for a fee you will be able to synchronise only up to 1 gig of data through it, which is probably not enough for some people. So here's a simple method for using a cloud service like Dropbox to sync your entire pdf library without having to pay a cent.


blog  Social Reference Manager: Mendeley.

Aug 2009

A colleague mentioned the existence of Mendeley to me - a new and free reference manager. I've stuck with Papers for a while and was really really happy with it, but I have to admit that Mendeley seems to have quite a few cool features there.


blog  Zotero - is the browser enough to do research?.

Sep 2007

Zotero, a personal research assistant, directly into your browser. When I was told about it, was quite impressed. I've been dreaming of disposing of the ugly looking Endnote - and the feature list of zotero seemed pretty attractive!