blog  Towards a conceptual model for the domain of sculpture.

Nov 2011

For the next two years I'll be collaborating with the Art of Making project. The project investigates the processes involved in the carving of stone during the Roman period, in particular it aims at analysing them using the insights and understanding Peter Rockwell (son of Norman Rockwell) developed during his lifelong experience as a sculptor. Eventually we will present these results by means of a freely accessible online digital resource that guides users through examples of stone carving. In this post I just wanted to report on the very first discussions I had with the sculpture and art scholars I'm working with, to the purpose of creating a shared model for this domain.


blog  Modeling Representations (take 2).

Mar 2007

I wrote something in the last weeks about the difficulties related to the modeling of representations and their contents. So today I just read this article by Stefano Mazzocchi, which basically hints at the same issue, but from an 'RDF perspective'. It's a very interesting article, so I just wanted to quote and comment a few passages