blog  DJFacet 0.9.7: MPTT hierarchical facets now supported!.

May 2012

DJFacet is a pluggable module for the Django web application framework that allows you to navigate the data in your webapp using an approach based on 'facets'. I've already written about DJFacet in the past; now the good news is that I've released a major update to the software, as now there is complete support for hierarchical facets too.


blog  A bookmarklet for searching delicious.

Jan 2010

This has been long overdue for me. A way to quickly search delicious.com without relying on third-party apps (which often you have to pay for). And it's got to be super simple too: something like a bookmarklet that you click on and then takes you there. Just one of those things you never have the time to do....


blog  A Sneak Preview of Wolfram Alpha.

May 2009

It's the new brainchild of Stephen Wolfram, author of Mathematica. It does look impressive in my opinion - can't wait to try it live (due to launch some time in may)!