blog  Installing GraphDB (aka OWLIM) triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

GraphDB (formerly called OWLIM) is an RDF triplestore which is used - among others - by large organisations like the BBC or the British Museum. I've recently installed the LITE release of this graph database on my mac, so what follows is a simple write up of the steps that worked for me.


blog  Textmate bundle for Turtle and Sparql.

Aug 2013

I recently ran into the Textmate bundle for Turtle, an extension for the Textmate osx editor aimed at facilitating working with RDF and SPARQL. If you happen to be using these technologies, well I'd suggest you take a look at the following post.


blog  A few useful Linked Data resources.

Mar 2011

Done a bit of semantic web work in the last couple of weeks, which gave me a chance to explore better the current web-scenario around this topic. I'm working on some example applications myself, but in the meanwhile I thought I'd share here a couple of quite useful links I ran into.