blog  DJFacet 0.9.7: MPTT hierarchical facets now supported!.

May 2012

DJFacet is a pluggable module for the Django web application framework that allows you to navigate the data in your webapp using an approach based on 'facets'. I've already written about DJFacet in the past; now the good news is that I've released a major update to the software, as now there is complete support for hierarchical facets too.


blog  Gmail labels sorting order.

Oct 2010

Gmail's labels are great for they let you organize your constantly growing mailbox in a non-final way. That is, using the 'tagging' concept, you can assign the same tag to multiple items, or different tags to the same items, add/remove tags etc etc. All of this is well known and documented. One thing though still surprises me. Why the heck can't we set the labels' order arbitrarily? (now they are automatically sorted alphabetically).

blog  NoDictionaries.com :: innovative way to read latin classics.

Sep 2010

NoDictionaries is a web app that makes it very easy to look up the meaning of words while reading a latin text. It uses a freely available latin dictionary (Whitaker's Words) and what it does is essentially to enrich each line of a latin text with the explanations of the words appearing in it.

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