blog  Knowledge Representation workshop @ CCH.

Jul 2010

Last month or so I started a Knowledge Representation workshop with my colleagues at CCH. The basic idea is to take a broad perspective on the various topics related to KR, and then focus on the digital humanities so to see how these approaches and technologies can be best applied to our domain.


blog  Humanities Computing and web2.0.

Feb 2008

Last week I spent two interesting days in London, at the Epistemic Networks and GRID Web 2.0 for Arts and Humanities workshop. I went there representing PhiloSURFical and Cohere, but unfortunately due to technical reasons the fliers I've prepared to let this community know about our work were not handed out on time. The printers at Imperial College didnt want to work for me :-). Too bad.. I managed anyway to spread the word a bit, and the reactions have been very very positive.