Jul 2009


NLP for Classical Studies

If you're into humanities computing and NLP, you might want to check out the eAqua project. eAqua stands for 'Extraction of structured knowledge from ancient sources', and it's a project that combines various text mining techniques to extract information for ancient texts.

The eAqua-project aims at generating specific knowledge from ancient texts and will provide this knowledge via an open web-portal to the scientific community for future empirical studies. For this purpose researches from the fields of Computer Science and Ancient Science will cooperate to adapt the available text mining technologies to the needs and requirements of the Ancient Studies.

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A bunch of sub-projects are avaliable: atthidograph.eaqua.net, platon.eaqua.net, plaut-metrik.eaqua.net, camena.eaqua.net, inschrift.eaqua.net, papyrus.eaqua.net

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