Feb 2017


OntoSpy v.1.7.4

A new version of OntoSpy (1.7.4) is available online. OntoSpy is a lightweight Python library and command line tool for inspecting and visualising vocabularies encoded in the RDF family of languages.

This version includes a hugely improved API for creating nice-looking HTML or Markdown documentation for an ontology, which takes advantage of frameworks like Bootstrap and Bootswatch.

You can take a look at the examples page to see what I'm taking about.

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 at 21 26 22

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 at 21 26 40

Screen Shot 2017 02 26 at 21 32 11

To find out more about Ontospy:

Coming up next

  • More advanced ontology visualisations using d3 or similar javascript libraries;
  • A better separation between the core Python library in OntoSpy and the other components. This is partly addressing the fact that the OntoSpy package has grown a bit too much, in particular form the point of view of people who are only interested in using it in order to create their own applications, as opposed (for example) to reusing the built-in visualisations.

Of course, any comments or suggestions are welcome as usual - please use GitHub. Cheers!

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