blog  Exploring Bento noise box.

May 2022

Improvised acid loops using Extempore + Bentō.

blog  Composition: 'Study for Cello and Double-bass'.

Apr 2022

A new livecoding composition using Extempore and Ableton Live: 'Study for Cello and Double-bass'.


blog  Composition: 'Rhythmic Cycles' with Extempore.

Apr 2021

A new livecoding composition using Extempore and Ableton Live: 'Rhythmic Cycles'.

blog  Xtempore functions explorer updated to latest release (v0.8.9.

Feb 2021

The Extempore functions explorer has been updated with the latest version of the Extempore programming language: v0.8.9


blog  'The Musical Code' on GitHub.

Nov 2020

I've started a new livecoding project on Github called The Musical Code. Plan is to add experimental musical code/algorithms created via the amazing Extempore programming language (as well as it precursor Impromptu).

blog  Livecoding composition: 'Piano Scales' (Extempore + Ableton Live).

Nov 2020

In general, algorithmic compositions using piano instruments always strike me for their captivating simplicity. So here's a new little experiment, titled 'Piano Scales'.


blog  Composing at the metalevel.

Mar 2012

I've started reading "Notes from the Metalevel: An Introduction to Computer Composition", by Heinrich Taube, and realised I should have done that a long time ago!


blog  Article: Algorithmic Composition: Computational Thinking in Music.

Oct 2011

An article by Michael Edwards on algorithmic composition has been published last month on the Communications of the ACM journal. The article is titled Algorithmic Composition: Computational Thinking in Music.


blog  New Impromptu screencast and a few lessons learned.

Oct 2009

Initially this song was called 'Voices Slowly Talk To Me' - then.. as usual.. I lost control of its direction! So I don't know anymore how much the title would apply. Anyways, it's my second experiment with recording an Impromptu performance (by the way I also played it live the other night at the Shunt in London, with various mistakes and delays, but somehow I got to the end - thanks to the toplap crew for their support!).

blog  Algorithmic music: first steps.

Jun 2009

I finally managed to find time to play more seriously with the fantastic impromptu - here's a first screencast, it doesn't sound that good but it made my day! (and maybe it'll help others better understand how impromptu works..)