blog  Autocomplete in Django #2.

Oct 2009

[Update 14/09/11 : If you're using Django 1.3 you can also skip point -4- below, as the 'cut' filter is included in Django by default now!] [Update 15/2/10 : I added a small example that shows how to make this work with Inlines too, see point 6 below...] [Update 18/10/09 : please note that the code has been tested on django1.1! Check the comments below if you're running 1.0...] In a previous post I was talking about using autocomplete fields in django's admin, and how this feature was missing for inlines. I sorted this out and put together an essential bunch of files you can easily include in your project to that purpose. Nothing final or too wonderful but just a hack that'll get you going...

blog  Using jquery's autocomplete in Django's admin: what about 'inlines'?.

Sep 2009

I still haven't solved this problem entirely, and I'll tell you why. The issue has been discussed by many people, but probably the first and most influential solution is still Jannis Leidel's 'An autocomplete form widget for ForeignKey model fields'.

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