blog  The Future of the Book: reading and annotating online.

Mar 2012

In the last weeks I happened to run into a few online products that look at the future of the book, that is, at how reading (and the things we normally do when we read) will change, now that the digital world is so pervasive and accessible.

blog  HTML5 Canvas Cookbook.

Feb 2012

HTML5 Canvas Cookbook is a new publication from Packt publishing that discusses in details the new drawing functionalities the html5 canvas element makes available; in the last weeks I've been looking at this book in more details and since it's been a quite useful learning experience I wanted to mention it here too.


blog  New Book on Knowledge Technologies.

Mar 2008

A new interesting book on Knowledge Technologies from Nick Milton is available online. It is meant to be read also by novices so it's deliberately not too technical or complex. I had a quick look at it this morning, and I think that it is interesting even for who's already familiar with all this stuff, cause it gives a nice overall perspective on the field. Never too fanatic about the 'semantic' promises, sober and realistic when describing the features and advantages of these technologies.

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