Jul 2023

Notes from the book: Deep Work (2016)

Finally got down to reading the book Deep Work from Cal Newport (2016).

The book central idea is that 'deep work' i.e. work based on prolonged stretches of focused time without distractions, has become largely underrated in today's always-on internet world. And that is not good.

The book's argument didn't strike me as revolutionary, or particularly new. I think that anyone with some kind of advanced education (academic or not) knows exactly how important focused work is.

Deep work is underrated

This book is a convincing reminder of the fact that in many jobs deep work is not seen as essential, anymore.

So we should make a conscious effort to make room for it, in our lives, and to get others to recognise its importance. Yes - I am talking to you, business managers and time-suckers!

I saved a few passages from book that I felt were particularly inspiring as a Github Gist, available below.

The Gist is best experienced if you open it in GitHub

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