Workshop on Live Coding @ RMLL-11

I just got back from Strasbourg (France) where I gave a talk about my experience with Livecoding and Impromptu at the at the Cultures et Arts Libres Workshop, part of the 2011 Libre Software Meeting. In a nutshell, livecoding is the process of writing software in realtime, as a form of improvised time-based art. Many thanks for the organizers for inviting me, it's been a quite rewarding experience. Here I'm posting the slides from the talk in case people want to follow up on the things I mentioned.

The slides are very introductory, so I strongly encourage anyone interested to find out more about the world of Impromptu by following the links provided in the presentation.

Livecoding with impromptu

The other two livecoders who gave talks at the workshop were Marje Baalman and Dan Stowell; both of them do very interesting stuff with SuperCollider (another livecoding environment) so you better check them out too!

By the way, after the workshop there was also a livecoding performance - but I'm going to report about that here..

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