Livecoding Xmas event at Goldsmith College

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The Event

6:30pm sharp til 8:30pm, 2010/12/16 at Goldsmith Digital Studios

Enjoy live coded music from some of the UKs finest algorithmic musicians, namely:

  • slub - Slub celebrate a decade since they first got a whole room of people to dance to their code (at Amsterdam Paradiso), with a hard-edged set of abstract acid with extra breakdowns. [ ]
  • Wrongheaded - Conducting an algorithmic seance, where a ouiji board control interface issues instructions from beyond the grave. Dimly lit but for the flickering of gas-driven projector screens, the protagonists will be appropriately moustachioed as they bring you ethereal sounds from the underworld.
  • Thor Magnusson - Shaking, self-modified beats with ixilang, from the co-founder of ixi audio. [ ]
  • Michele Pasin - Audio/Visual temporal recursion with Impromptu. [ ]
  • Forth + Yee-King - South Bank Common Lisp + SuperCollider synchronised in percussive improv. [ ]


My performance of Turbo Robot:

About livecoding

Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video, and is starting to get somewhere interesting. Live coders expose and rewire the innards of software while it generates improvised music and/or visuals. All code manipulation is projected for your pleasure. Live coding is inclusive and accessible to all. Many live coding environments can be downloaded and used for free, with documentation and examples to get you started and friendly on-line communities to help when you get problems. Popular live coding software includes supercollider, ChucK, impromptu and fluxus. Live patching is live coding with graph-based languages such as the venerable pure-data. It's also possible to livecode with a gamepad, e.g. with the robot oriented Al-Jazari. For more info see:

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