blog  Nature.com Subjects Stream Graph.

Jan 2016

The nature.com subjects stream graph displays the distribution of content across the subject areas covered by the nature.com portal.


blog  Is wikipedia a valid source of scientific knowledge?.

Sep 2015

Is wikipedia a valid source of scientific knowledge? Many would say yes. Others are still quite skeptical, or maybe just cautious about it. What seems to be the case though - and this is what this post is about - is that wikipedians are increasingly including references to scientific literature, and when they do it they do it right.

blog  A sneak peek at Nature.com articles' archive.

Jun 2015

We're getting closer to releasing the full set of metadata covering over one million articles published by Nature Publishing Group since 1845. So here's a sneak peek at this dataset, in the form of a simple d3.js visual summary of what soon will be available to download and reuse.


blog  Messing around wih D3.js and hierarchical data.

Jun 2013

These days there are a lot of browser-oriented visualization toolkits, such d3.js or jit.js. They're great and easy to use, but how much do they scale when used with medium-large or very large datasets?