blog  Installing GraphDB (aka OWLIM) triplestore on mac os.

Oct 2014

GraphDB (formerly called OWLIM) is an RDF triplestore which is used - among others - by large organisations like the BBC or the British Museum. I've recently installed the LITE release of this graph database on my mac, so what follows is a simple write up of the steps that worked for me.


blog  An introduction to Neo4j.

Apr 2013

Neo4j is a recent graph-database that is rapidly accumulating success stories, especially in areas such as "social applications, recommendation engines, fraud detection, resource authorization, network & data center management and much more". Here's an interesting introductory lecture about by Ian Robinson at JavaZone 2013.


blog  Navigating through the people of medieval Scotland... one step at a time.

Sep 2012

Navigating through the people of medieval Scotland... one step at a time! This is, in a nutshell, what users can do via the Dynamic Connections Cloud application, a prototype tool I've been working on recently, in the context of the People of Medieval Scotland project (PoMS), which was launched last week at the University of Glasgow.


blog  Towards a conceptual model for the domain of sculpture.

Nov 2011

For the next two years I'll be collaborating with the Art of Making project. The project investigates the processes involved in the carving of stone during the Roman period, in particular it aims at analysing them using the insights and understanding Peter Rockwell (son of Norman Rockwell) developed during his lifelong experience as a sculptor. Eventually we will present these results by means of a freely accessible online digital resource that guides users through examples of stone carving. In this post I just wanted to report on the very first discussions I had with the sculpture and art scholars I'm working with, to the purpose of creating a shared model for this domain.


blog  DB visualize : The Universal Database Tool.

Mar 2009

I've been searching for something similar for along time. Just hook up a database, and et voila you can see it, modify and export it with a clean and fast interface.  Among the many (really a lot) features you have: