blog  Hack4Europe! - Europeana hackathon roadshow, June 2011.

May 2011

Europeana is a multilingual digital collection containing more than 15 millions resources that lets you explore Europe's history from ancient times to the modern day. Europeana API services are web services allowing search and display of Europeana collections in your website and applications. The folks at Europeana have been actively promoting the experimentation with their APIs by organizing 'hackathons' - workshops for cultural informatics hackers where new ideas and discussed and implemented.


blog  Mapping stereotypes.

Sep 2010

Sometimes a picture is more eloquent than a thousand words. Well, a map can be too, and the maps by Yanko Tsvetkov proved the point for me. Mapping stereotypes is a project in which he plots on a european map the way we (as British, French, Italians etc...) see the 'others'. The funny bit is that the pictures represent the most superficial, street-level, shallow views we have about our european neighbours...


blog  Spread the word: the italian circus goes to the EU.

Apr 2009

I think I'll start using this mostly technical blog to help in spreading the word about the incredible political situation in italy. What I'm talking about? You can probably catch up on the latest from corrupted Italy by reading Beppe Grillo's blog..... it's good for a laugh too, if you dont feel like talking about politics.